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Voice instruction for singers and actors

Improve vocal control, ability, and confidence.

My name is Laura Myers and I help people vocalize. Since 2003, I have been providing students with private vocal lessons; first in Los Angeles, CA and now in Portland, Oregon. I bring over 25 years of performance experience on stage, television and film to our lessons.

Providing a safe and supportive learning environment for the nervous beginner to the seasoned professional singer has always been an important part of my philosophy. The more you feel at ease, the more you will learn.

During the course of our sessions I diagnose and transform your singing challenges into healthy, beautiful vocal production. Each student possesses different strengths and weaknesses so my lessons are tailored to fit your individual needs.

Do you suffer from stage fright? Together we can find the causes of your fears and how to move past them.

Intermediate to advanced singers:
Are you experiencing difficulties with breath management or transitioning to different registers of the voice? I can help.

Write to me or call today with your vocal goals and concerns.

It is normal to feel unsure about taking that first step toward something new. Don't let that stop you from exploring your voice and expanding your world. I'm ready if you are!

Rock, pop, jazz, and country and classical are all welcome.

Audition preparation:
Musical theater, classical training, dramatic coaching and diction services are available at my studio as well. Come in and prepare for that audition! If your goal is American Idol or Americas Got Talent, come and see me first!